Benefits and Eligibility

Gresham Optical strives to provide exceptional care and customer service for our patients, including our billing practices. This information outlines our billing practices and policies. As a courtesy, we verify your insurance benefits and eligibility prior to receiving services. Sometimes there will be a discrepancy in the amount we were quoted and what we actually receive. In this case, you will be responsible for the difference. Gresham Optical recommends that patients verify eligibility and benefits with their insurance company prior to receiving services.

Insurance Billing

We participate in a variety of insurance plans. Gresham Optical will submit claims to the plans we participate in. Any copays and non-covered items will be due at the time of service. Once we receive payment from your insurance company, any balance not covered will be requested in full upon receipt of the billing statement. It is the patient’s responsibility to bill their secondary insurance if needed. Gresham Optical will provide a billing statement for claim submission. Some of the insurance companies we participate with are Vision Service Plan, Blue Cross, Providence, Eye Med, Superior Vision, Health Management Administrators, ODS, Tricare, and UMR. If your insurance company is not listed, please call us at (503) 667-2424.

Medical Appointments

Although we verify benefits and eligibility for routine vision coverage, we do not verify medical coverage. As a result we may or may not be a contracted provider with your medical insurance company. It is the patient’s responsibility to verify with their insurance company if they need a referral prior to coming in. Gresham Optical does not request referrals for patients. If your medical deductible has not been met, you will be responsible for payment after we receive a response from your insurance company.